Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ohhh TWO-dles!!! E is 2!

EM IS 2!!! 

As many of you know, last year was our first birthday experience and we had a Sock Monkey party. When we couldn't find many cute girly sock monkey themed stuff (on a small budget), we made our own. Last year, my aunt and I made many of the decorations and E's outfit. You can find our 1st birthday experience HERE.

This year, my aunt and I pulled it off again! We had a blast putting together the perfect birthday party for our sweet girl. So this years theme (as if you couldn't tell from the title) was MINNIE MOUSE!! How fun! Pink, pink, and more pink everywhere! I want to share our DIY party again this year and some how-tos for a few of the fun things we made. There are crochet, hot glue crafting, sewing and paper elements to this DIY :)

My aunt used her fabulous Cricut (best invention EVER!!) yet again to help me pull off this great party. She made us everything from banners and door hangers to E's Minnie Mouse shirt and her Minnie Mouse #2 to use for pictures. My aunt is a rockstar with her Cricut and just a rockstar in general.

Let's start with the invitations... I made the invitations in Microsoft Word by completely making my own design. I downloaded a special Disney font for my headings and placed each dot by hand (so not fun!). I was hoping to be able to make a downloadable template for you to use. However at the moment it is changing my Disney font and that is throwing off the design of the entire thing. I will work on it and try to get it fixed for y'all. I'm sorry!!! Hopefully I can get this fixed ASAP! But here is a preview of what it looks like :)

Just as I did last year, I included a picture of my daughter to send with the invites. Some of the invites go to our out of town family. We know some will not be able to attend and that is why we always include a photo, so they can see how much she has grown. I also did the same type of photo as I did last year... a cute crocheted hat on her head that matches the party theme. Since it was Minnie Mouse this year I obviously crocheted her a Minnie hat.

I used the basic beanie part of the hat from Repeat Crafter Me's Owl Hat but changed which round changed colors and the amount of rows all together. The hat looked too short so I added a couple extra rows. I also had to make the ears as I went so they were big enough for a 1-3 year old size hat. I will upload a full pattern soon since I have a toddler Mickey Mouse hat to make before the end of next week. So be on the lookout for a toddler size Minnie and Mickey hat pattern. PATTERN COMING SOON!! You can now find this pattern HERE!


Now on to the decorations. My aunt is still completely AWESOME!! She handled the main decorations for me. She made an fabulous large banner for us and also a small banner with her age on it. She made a door hanger which we were able to hang outside for everyone to see when they came into the party. She is so crafty and such a great aunt!! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect for our little girl's party!

Here is a picture of the decorative banners my fabulous aunt made. They came out perfect!!(Excuse how off center the larger banners are we were in a huge hurry to set up in an hour). She used the Disney: Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge To cut out the Minnie Mouse heads. She used polka dot paper to allow the letters to stand out and then she tied each letter together with hot pink ribbon.

I loved the entire set up and couldn't have found any cuter decorations in the store. My aunt is the BEST!

My aunt also made a door hanger to hang on the door. It came out so so cute! Here it is!

Another great thing about our decorations is that we can also REUSE them!! The banner with her name on it and the door hanger can be reused in her bedroom when we move to our new house. Right now they are being used at PeePa's house (my dad's house). ** Notice the bow holder from a couple months ago... it's aquired more bows and we may have to make another one very soon! HERE is the bow holder tutorial :)

She also made us a 2 for pictures and decorations and it is so cute! She added the ears and bow and painted it to look just like Minnie. The Minnie Mouse ribbon across the middle is from Hobby Lobby. Everything was perfect!

 I will add our 2 year old pictures soon!!!

On to the outfit! That's the most important part for any little girl, right?! Last year I found a great tutorial for using a Cricut to make an applique for a shirt. So my aunt just used the same tutorial and  cut out and ironed on the applique for E's shirt. HERE is the tutorial for that we used :)

I decided this year not to put a number on it so she can wear it more (I might possibly be a little picky when it comes to her clothes lol) I think it turned out great and made her outfit perfect!

She will be able to wear her Minnie Mouse shirt anytime she wants and she has other great stuff to match it too!

I made her bow (every little southern girl has to have a BIG bow!!). Her bow was very simple to make. I did a double layer bow and made a felt Minnie Mouse cut out for the center. TUTORIAL COMING SOON!! You can find the tutorial for this bow HERE.

PSA: Hot glue guns can attack and bite you!

But a cute bow for E is worth the huge blister I had for a week. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! The shoes were so much fun to make! I have never glued rhinestones to anything. I was born after the 80's bedazzling era, so it was a whole new experience. I really enjoyed trying something new and they came out better than I could have ever imagined. I had some trouble getting placement down at first but after I got them laid out exactly how I wanted, it went really quickly. For now I'm just going to post a picture and I will upload a written tutorial as soon as I can. TUTORIAL COMING SOON!! You can now find the tutorial HERE.

Last but not least the CAKE!! This year we just went with a Minnie Mouse cake from our local Walmart. The bakers were fabulous and matched the color scheme to our plates and napkins instead of using the colors in the cake book. Here is a picture :) Please excuse the cracking... that's what happens when a 9 year old carries your cake lol

Overall we had a great and successful DIY birthday party and even stayed under budget...YAY!!!! I am so so excited to share all the tutorials with y'all! I'm sorry I don't have them ready to go right now. With all the holidays and a toddler, it isn't easy to get things done sometimes. I will do my very best to get all the tutorials up by the weekend so y'all can start crafting ;) Keep checking back for added posts and pictures!

I hope some of the things we did can inspire your own DIY Minnie Mouse birthday party :) 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31

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