Saturday, December 5, 2015

Felt Applique Minnie Inspired Bow

The Minnie Bow Tutorial is complete! I am so excited to share with you how you can make your own. This is a fairly simple and straight forward written tutorial. You can read it here on the blog or I have also made it into a PDF so you can save it, if you would like. Here is the link to the PDF: 

**Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Enjoy!!

Minnie Mouse Bow

Materials Needed
~ 2 ¼ in. black grosgrain ribbon 
~ 1 ½ in. pink grosgrain ribbon 
 ~ hair clip 
~ black felt
~ pink felt   
~ 4mm silver rhinestones
~ 4 mm pink rhinestones 
~ hot glue 
~ E6000 craft glue
~ sewing thread
~ black embroidery floss
I used 2 YouTube tutorials on how to make a bow. Both tutorials are by Bitty Bum Boutique TV. I did change one thing. When pinching the center together I used sewing thread instead of wire. To me, it is quicker and much less of a hassle since you will have to hold the center with one hand and wrap something around the center with the other. DO NOT wrap the center with your finishing knot piece of ribbon until both bows are hot glued together (pictured below). If you do the knot center on both bows it gets really bulky. The links to the tutorials are here:

**No center knot and ready to glue together

After finishing both bows you will hot glue your two bows together. Once you have them together you will glue your finishing knot around the center and the clip onto the back of the bow. **Helpful Hint: Be mindful about which side of your child’s head you will want this on when gluing your clip down (just don’t second guess yourself and stick your finger in the hot glue while rechecking :) )

Felt Applique

For the felt applique I used a picture I found on google of a Minnie Mouse head. This clip art is also the one I used on the invitations and that is where I traced my template from. I used a piece of plain white copy paper to trace down the shape of the Minnie head. I cut it out and then traced it onto black felt and cut those out. **You need 2! By using 2 and sewing them together, your applique will be stronger and it just looks a little more finished, in my opinion.

To use this Minnie head as your guide (this is the exact size I used) either print out this page or hold your paper on the computer screen and trace it applying just enough pressure to make light marks.
After you have both pieces cut out you will need to sew them together with black embroidery floss.

Bow Applique
I used a small strip of pink felt and folded both ends into the center in an “X” making the tails even. I did a small stitch just to hold them together until I could get the center on. Then I used another small strip of pink to wrap around the center and hold it tight. I sewed the center on so the bow would stay pinched and perfect. Here is a YouTube video tutorial showing something similar with curved strips (I just cut straight ones):
Once everything is sewn together, it’s time to bedazzle :)

This the most important part, of course! I used 4mm silver and pink crystal rhinestones I found at Hobby Lobby.  

The silver rhinestones I used to outline the Minnie Mouse head and the pink to give the center of the bow some extra pizazz.

To glue them on I used tweezers to hold the rhinestone and a toothpick to dab a little bit of E6000 on the back. I then placed it onto the felt and made sure it stuck. Sew the bow on after doing the silver rhinestones and then glue the pink ones on the bow. **Helpful hint: Before I began actually gluing, I laid all the rhinestones out to get an idea of placement.

**Helpful Hint: I used a paper plate to put a little glob of glue on. E6000 dries fairly quickly so I didn’t want to waste a lot by putting a good amount on the plate.

Once the bedazzling is done you can hot glue the applique to the center knot of the bow.

You are now done and have a beautiful bow for your little girl. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have :)

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