Monday, December 7, 2015

Minnie Mouse Bedazzled Shoes

The Minnie Bedazzled Shoes Tutorial is now complete! I am so excited to share with these adorable shoes with you. We have had so many compliments on these and we love them. This is a fairly simple and straight forward written tutorial,just as the bow. You can read it here on the blog or I have also made it into a PDF so you can save it, if you would like. Here is the link to the PDF:

**Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Enjoy!!


Minnie Mouse Bedazzled Shoes
Materials Needed

~ 1 pair of shoes with a rubber toe

~ 4mm silver rhinestones

~ 4 mm pink rhinestones

~ E6000 craft glue

~ tweezers

~ toothpicks

Before you begin

I used Converse look-alikes that I found at Wal-Mart. You can certainly use Converse brand or any other look-alike shoe with a rubber toe.  **For penny pinchers like me, Family Dollar carries the shoes for about $6 and Wal-Mart was around $10. (I used Wal-Mart brand) The rhinestones, glue, ribbon and shoelaces all came from Hobby Lobby.

To get started I wiped off my shoe’s toe. Making sure it is clean will help the rhinestones adhere better. I also laid out all my supplies and made sure I had plenty of everything just in case I needed extra.

These shoes are super simple to make and very fun. Throughout this tutorial I will include helpful hints that may be useful when you are making your blinged out shoes.  

Now it’s time to get started bedazzling!


Before I started gluing anything I traced the rubber toe shape onto a piece of paper. To do this you lay a piece of paper onto your shoe’s toe and trace around it, but don’t forget that the toe rounds out and to include a line so you won’t go over the edge with your design. **Some shoes will not have this issue but I would rather include it for those who may need it. 

Laying out your design on paper will help tremendously! I used this to help me get the layout of my stones where I wanted them before I even started. I had trouble deciding which one I wanted to use, so using my paper shoe toe I was able to see them all and ultimately make my final decision.

After you have finalized your design, you will be ready to glue. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

**Helpful Hint 1: Before gluing, I also placed my rhinestones on the toe of my shoe to double check placement. (It also helped me determine which one I really wanted to use.) 

**Helpful Hint 2: I used a paper plate to put a little glob of glue on. E6000 dries fairly quickly so I didn’t want to waste a lot by putting a good amount on the plate.

**Helpful Hint 3: I used tweezers. They help to hold and place your rhinestones so you don’t glue your fingers together J (the back of the tweezers can help press down the rhinestones for a better adherence)

**Helpful Hint 4: I used toothpicks to dip in the glue and put in on the back of the rhinestones. This kept my fingers from getting in the glue and it was small enough to put just enough glue so that it didn’t glob and make a mess. 

Now it’s time to glue them down. Here are a couple of progression pictures while I was gluing on the rhinestones. 

Once everything is glued down, I let them dry for 24 hours before touching them again. After the 24 hours, I just made sure none of the stones were loose, and then let them sit another 24 just to make sure the glue was completely dry.

Optional and fun change: I changed the laces to some I found at Hobby Lobby and, to me, they made the shoes complete. You could also use ribbon. Hobby Lobby has some really cute Minnie Mouse ribbon (it is pictured in picture on the first page).

You are now done and have some fabulous shoes for your little girl. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have :)

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