Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~ La LA La LA La LA La LA ~


I had an Elmo loving 2 year old's birthday coming up and knew just what to make. With the weather becoming cooler down here in SC I decided an Elmo earflap hat would be the perfect gift :) I started with of course bright fire engine red yarn and my go to basic earflap hat pattern, (repeat crafter me's owl hat pattern), gave him some eyes, and a bright orange nose. I bordered the hat with white and gave the earlflaps orange, red, and white braids.... but it was still missing somthing. I pondered whether I should redo the entire hat or to put a pom pom on the top and I decided to put the pom pom on the top and I am so glad I did. It came out so very cute! The best part of all, Elmo earflap hat has been 2 year old approved!! :)

Be exalted, O Lord, in Your own strength! We will sing and praise Your power. -Psalms 21:13

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